There is a better way

Cutting fluids are commonly used to reduce temperature and friction in metal cutting processes. These cutting fluids constitute a serious environmental hazard and health risk for employees, leading to a significant direct and indirect cost to all stakeholders. Industry has been looking for ways to mitigate the negative impact of the cutting fluids – and ideally to find a replacement for metal cutting fluids. Finally, the better way is here: Aurion.

Our Mission

Aurion transforms the global machine tools market by replacing metal working fluids and setting a new global standard for sustainable machining.


Cooled, Ionized air flow

Aurion system uses cooled and ionized air as a coolant and lubricant in the cutting zone.

Aurion is implemented using a dedicated air-cooling unit with built-in electronics and integrated software.

Aurion can be applied to both existing and new machine tools.

The system has no mechanical wear parts – leading to ease of maintenance.


The cleanest solution

Aurion technology is developed through a 10 year dedicated R&D effort. The Aurion solution is now ready for market introduction following recent comprehensive validation runs by high quality third parties, including Universities and leading Industrial actors.

Flank wear on major flank
Flank wear on minor flank
Rake face
Surface of insert

Compelling results

In addition to the benefits stemming from replacing metal cutting liquids, Aurion provides equal or better results as it comes to:

  • Work piece surface quality (Ra)
  • Cutting tool lifetime
  • Acoustic emission
  • Cutting speed



  • Eliminate environmental waste and CO2 emissions
  • Improved employee health and satisfaction
  • Concrete and high impact demonstration of sustainable strategy


  • Higher efficiency with reduced tool changeover
  • Shorter cycle times with better cooling
  • Better surface quality and part yield


  • Elimination of cutting liquid and related infrastructure and disposal costs
  • Reduced cost for cleaning and higher chip reselling price
  • Extended cutting inserts lifetime


  • Digitally controlled and accurate process, data storing, monitoring and optimisation


Metal Working market

Steady growth industry – approx. 4,5% CAGR for until 2025

Machine tools installed base estimated to over 4,5 million machines

Growing adoption of smart Machine Tools propels further global demand

Precision engineering segment with special materials expected to grow significantly


Manufacturing Trends

Sustainability at the heart of any business

Onshoring trend creates new opportunities for local businesses

Innovations drive materials development and complex designs towards light weight and sustainability

Demographics development and longer term macro outlook represent a challenge for labour availability

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