New era of machining

Aurion replaces traditional cutting fluids with ionized air in machining. Ionized air is a superior alternative for both traditional wet and dry machining. We deliver at least the same machining quality and performance as cutting fluids – measured by cutting speed, tool life and surface quality. Aurion improves cost efficiency in machining operations by up to 25%.

Replacing cutting fluids with ionized air

Aurion provides significant benefits in total machining economics as well as occupational health and safety and protects the environment.

Aurion represents a compelling industrial case:

• Extended tool life and shorter lead time of machining
• Cost-efficient machining
• No residuals on the workpiece – no after washing is needed
• No fluid treatment is required
• Cost-efficient recycling of clean chips
• Fully integrated into machining center ecosystem data


Pure air solution

With Aurion, there are no emissions that are harmful to people or the environment. Our solution is an answer to the increasing global concern that metal working fluids produce a significant carbon footprint and expose employees to various diseases.

Aurion can be integrated into practically any existing machine tool. Deploying the Aurion device is an easy and fast process.

Aurion Machining is exploring strategic partnerships for accelerated global launch.